Tiny, Horrifying “Pig” Music Box From the Titanic Sounds Like This

August 23, 2013 | Marina Galperina

For seven hours, children on the Lifeboat 11 waited for rescue, watching the ruins and former passengers sink around them. Their only comfort? This terrifying toy. It’s a pig. But it has a hide. And is hollow. Inside, there’s a music box. It’s broken to shit now. That was a long time ago. But the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich fixed it. And crowd-sourced song identification. It’s Charles Borel-Clerq’s “La Sorella” (1905). It’s fucking sad. And terrifying because it’s coming from inside THIS PIG. It’s smaller than it looks like. Tiny, in fact. BUT THIS PIG THOUGH. Watch/listen above. Never. Sleep. Again.