Media Synergy: When the Times, News, and Post All Agree on Something, You Should Be Worried

August 26, 2013 | Bucky Turco

According to New York City’s hometown papers–both the serious one and the two tabloids–the only way forward is to maintain the status quo: elect Christine Quinn on the Democratic side and some guy you never heard of on the Republican side.

New York Times:

We had already made up our own minds in favor of Ms. Quinn, but the Wednesday debate would have clinched it anyway. Candidates were asked what legacy they wanted to leave after two terms. “More people in the middle class,” Ms. Quinn said. It was a perfect answer, and she could have left it there.

Daily News:

The News endorses Quinn because she combines the clearest understanding of the difficulties facing the city with the most extensive record of getting things done. Her proposals for the working and middle classes could actually come to fruition, as opposed to the many pie-in-the-sky pronouncements of her competitors.

New York Post:

For the Democrats, we believe Christine Quinn is the only candidate who has shown the basic common sense any mayor needs. On the Republican side, Joe Lhota’s record of achievement and solid ideas on tough issues offer the best chance for an accountable and effective government.

It’s as if every news outlet all of a sudden forgot that Quinn was the lead culprit in ignoring the will of the people in 2008 and voted to overturn term limits so that Mayor Bloomberg could further rich people’s interests for another four years and beyond. But it probably doesn’t matter either way, since no one really trusts the media anymore.