Come Inside Some Very Vintage Soviet Trains

August 27, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Some Russian guy from LiveJournal went to a museum old trains in Moscow, and wow. You have to check it out.

This isn’t when the MTA rolls that train out, where every car is from a different decade and the mentally unstable loose their shit because suddenly they’re back in the 70s!

Nope. See some (only) of my fondest memories of growing up in Russia is riding one of those things, with the janky wooden unhinge-able sleeping lofts, and the thick windows frosted with grime, and basically, an illusion of this being a stationary place of residency, down to flowery wallpaper and plastic light switches. Wait, no, it was a little more sterile and train-like, but looking at these not very good photos, I can almost imagine… almost imagine… almost imagine…

There is no website for this museum.

(Photos:  LiveJournal)