Russia Today Has Been
Banned From Reddit

August 29, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Russian news organization Russia Today has recently been banned from the popular Reddit forum r/news for allegedly spamming and manipulating upvotes on the thread, subsequently promoting its own stories as not only factual, but popular on the site as well.

Doesn’t that sound just a little bit like propaganda to you? However, fans of the news organization have equated this ban of the news organizations rights to publish stories on the thread to an unjust act of censorship.


Anyone who’s familiar with the site knows that while it aptly covers left-leaning topics that show the failings of the US government — pro-Snowden, pro-Occupy, pro-Manning stories (pre-Chelsea, anyway) — anything about Russia on Russia Today is most likely very, very much bullshit.

For example, when protestors gathered outside the Consulate to protest Russia’s now notorious anti-gay laws and bring awareness to the rise of fatal hate crimes and wide-spread torture of gay youth in Russia. Russia Today’s video “investigation” makes Fox News look good.

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