Get Your Colorado Drone-Hunting Licenses Here

September 6, 2013 | Andy Cush

The vote on a proposed law in the small town of Deer Trail, Colorado to legalize and issue licenses for the shooting down of federal drones is still a month away, but the town has already received 1,000 applications, according to the Daily NewsOf course, if passed, the legislation will be absolutely toothless, considering shooting a gun at federal property is and will continue to be illegal.

Phil Steel, the man who drafted the legislation, is also selling “novelty” licenses for $25 a pop on his charmingly amateurish, hilariously paranoid website droneshooters.com.

“Even a little league baseball game will fall under the scrutiny of our federal overseers,” after federal domestic drones become commonplace, he writes. “There will be no more states’ rights or individual sovereignty. Freedom of speech, religion, etc. will be gone. Habeas Corpus? Forget about it. Fight back! Purchase a drone hunting license and display it with pride. American Pride!”