Stinkfish in Nepal

September 9, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Colombian street artist Stinkfish tells ANIMAL that he is on his way to India after spending over a week in Nepal, where he was busy painting. “This was a 10 day trip I just finished,” writes the Bogota-born artist in an email. “The pieces are located in the cities of Kathmandu, Patan, Pokhara and Bhaktapur. Most are semi-illegal, painted at day, but without any permission.”

Getting up in Nepal has its ups and downs. “It’s easy paint there and also hard in some ways, says Stinkfish. “You only can find local spraypaint, not really good. The weather is hard, hot and humid, but the people are really nice. Also you can find really special walls.”

I asked Stinkfish if there was one thing about Nepal that he didn’t expect. “Everything is another world mixed with occident, a lot of contrast, a lot of beautiful details.”

He made a short video below detailing his travels and there’s more photos in the gallery above.

(Photos: Stinkfish)