Syrian Teen Only Instagrams Soda and Energy Drinks

September 10, 2013 | Andy Cush

While mindlessly cruising Instagram last night, as I am wont to do, I came across an account posting seemingly pro-Assad comments on a particularly funny image from the Onion about the situation in Syria. Morbid curiosity led me to click through to the person’s profile, because whatever your feelings on the politics or the seemingly inevitable (or not! thanks John Kerry!) missile strike, outright support for Bashar al-Assad takes a special kind of awfulness or, perhaps more likely, delusion.

What I found was magical. Here was Amir Karim, a 17-year-old Syrian living in Sweden, who posts almost nothing but images of various sodas and energy drinks. In the grand tradition of mrpimpgoodgame, each photo is composed in almost exactly the same way–in this case, with someone’s (Amir’s?) hand coming from the bottom left corner, gripping a beverage of some kind in the approximate center of the frame. There are the classics–a little Vanilla Coke here, some Orange Fanta there— but also some more, shall we say, exotic fare. Anyone care for a Power Horse? No? Perhaps I can interest you in some Shark Stimulation or an X Ray. See some highlights in the gallery.

I’ve asked Amir why he posts so many beverages on Ask.fm. I’ll let you know when I hear back.

UPDATE: I heard back! Here’s what he said.

“Well I like to take pictures of them for three reasons: 1. Because every can and bottle has a special design 2. I like to share weird cans and bottles with you all 3. I want to have a special style in my profile :)”

(Photos: Amir Karim/Instagram)