Watch Brendan Fowler’s Stand Up TED Talk Performance Art at the MoMA Today

September 16, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Musician and visual artist Brendan Fowler is performing And Martin this afternoon at MoMA Atrium. Presented in conjunction with MoMA’s New Photography 2013, the exhibit expands on the artist’s previous musical project BARR, for which he became known in the early 2000s. It consisted of Fowler singing and talking over his iPod, transitioning to a performing live band.

For this afternoon’s And Martin — “a radical update of BARR” — Fowler will take “the prior project’s deconstruction of the pop singer as a starting point” but instead of pop songs, he will be mining stand-up shows and TED Talks.

Catch MoMA’s livestream of And Martin this afternoon at 4:30pm.  (Image: Artinfo)