Barry McGee,
Back in NYC

September 18, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Barry McGee’s current exhibition at Cheim & Read is his first in New York in over eight years.

McGee’s colorful graphic compositions command attention and, at times, may even require their own room to be properly presented. The Bay Area artist’s work is informed by various, distinct influences, ranging from the bold visual styles of graffiti to the charming appeals of American folk art.

In addition to exhibiting many of his stacked clusters of framed drawings, the artist has also chosen to show a collection of specifically created pieces of furniture, further breaking down the barriers between art and the everyday, yet speaking directly to the omnipresence of consumerist culture while simultaneously embracing it.

Barry McGee, Sep 12 – Oct 26, Cheim & Read, Chelsea, NY  (Photos: Kyle Petreycik/ANIMAL New York)