Have Some Good Ol’ NSA-Baiting Fun With Flagger

September 19, 2013 | Andy Cush

Flagger is a Chrome extension that adds potential NSA keywords to every URL you visit, just to give a little trolly “fuck you” to the any feds that may be watching. As I write this, for example, the URL for ANIMAL’s back end has “?lulz=regime+warfare+MSP” tacked to the end of it. I just refreshed, and now it says “&lulz=marathon+fake%20ID+embassy.” You get the idea. You can also add a customized message to every site you visit. I was thinking something like “Hey NSA, wtf bro i thought we were cool.” Download Flagger here. Is it actually an effective way of confusing NSA’s surveillance algorithms? Who knows. Is it worth a try anyway? Why not?

(Photo: NSA/Wikimedia Commons)