New Banksy “Better Out Than In” Piece in Los Angeles

September 23, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Here’s a new Banky stencil of a vomiting vandal that was confirmed by his official website and reportedly done in Los Angeles. The flowers sprouting up from a crack in the wall have been incorporated into the design. Cute. UPDATE: Better Out Than In has nothing to do with LA.

According to Nuart Festival’s Facebook page, the piece has been put up in conjunction with a rumored new Banksy show in Los Angeles, opening this October.

It looks thematically related to the now-famous Banksy stencil of a rioter whose molotov cocktail has been replaced with a bouquet of flowers, maybe.

What does it — and “Better Out Than In” — mean?  Let the speculation commence!

— I have a show coming up. It’s called “Better Out Than In.”
— I just remembered that street art belongs on the streets, not in the gallery.
— I have so much to say! I must promptly and cathartically extricate my pent-up creativity.
— Why did I eat so many fucking flowers?

Any guesses?