Minimalist Poster of Celebrity Stoners

September 24, 2013 | Bucky Turco

A little over a year ago, two of my cousins started Weedist–no relation to Gothamist LLC–an aptly named website committed to covering all matters weed related, like the best dabs to smoke while playing Grand Theft Auto V. And now in addition to making Internet, they’re making IRL stuff too. Today, they released “Celebrity Weedists,” a poster designed in minimalist style by ANIMAL friend Michael Weinfeld of celebrities who smoke or have smoked weed. Or as they put it:

It’s a homage to the famous pot smokers who’ve helped bring cannabis more into the public eye and ultimately, greater acceptance by the majority (whether they wanted to or not).

The poster featuring the likes of President Barack Obama, Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogan, and Bill Maher, among many others, is for sale and can be purchased here for the average cost of a gram of dispensary quality chronic.