Indie Kidz Songs, An Awesome New Album From ANIMAL!

September 25, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Kids songs suck… But not when they’re covered by your favorite musical acts like sort of Grimes, Vampire Weekend and Danny Brown!

That’s why ANIMAL made you this… “Indie Kidz Songs” — the best music compilation for kids OF ALL TIME [recently] featuring timeless children’s classics covered by very cool indie rock bands, hip rappers and awesome electronic artists. Just kidding! These parody songs were created by Bear Ceuse guitarist Adam Horne, just like our hit holiday album “Merry Indie Xmas!”

Click to play the “video teaser” above and hear many more tracks below to relive your childhood. With kind of the Pixies, the Dirty Projectors, Mac Demarco and Chief Keef, you’ll never have to grow up!

Music: Adam Horne, Video direction: Marina Galperina, Picture/Edit: Aymann Ismail, Voiceover: Joseph Schulhoff, Cast: Angelina Dreem, Sophie Wiener, Tom Hawking, Bridgette Miller, Benjamin Wessels, Sun Lee, Antoine Sargent, JiaJia Fei, Joshua Strawn, Elizabeth Shiveley, Elia Grey Strawn, Michelle Lhooq for ANIMAL New York