Painting Toward Happiness, Episode 1: The Landscape (With Jayson Musson)

September 26, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“Your new YouTube series speaks to me so hard, Jayson!”
“Oh, are you a sensitive artist type?”
“Yes. And you know how I love painting.”
“Sensitive artist types need shelter from the storm of today,” Jayson Musson tells ANIMAL.

The New York artist who exhibited Coogie canvases at Salon 94, curated/made a bonfire at Family Business and is the man behind YouTube’s best art critic Hennessy Youngman, just launched a new YouTube series: Painting Towards Happiness. Watch Episode 1: The Landscape above. This Bob Ross-a-like loves painting. Who’s Sandy? He doesn’t watch television news because, “nature is my news.”

People who think that painting is dead, they must be the types of people that like art museums. Have you been to an art museum recently, viewer? I was on vacation, in New York City, which is the first mistake I must admit… Let’s just say its not my place to insult the work of other artists, but that modern art stuff is just garbage…

You know me, I blame a lot of the modern ills on Kafka. Teenagers just shouldn’t read his work.

Great! So if Hennessy Youngman’s demystification of relational aesthetics (“herpes”) and performance art (“titties”) was to real for you and if his epic take-down of Damien Hirst made you think too much about challenging the artistic relevancy of famous shiny things, stay tuned.

Just keep saying to yourself that “the real freedom of being an artist manifests itself” in painting a tree that “looks like a Bob Marley made of sea moss” right there, in the center. Obviously.