David Bowie Art GIFs by Lorna Mills and Friends for “David Bowie is”

September 27, 2013 | Marina Galperina

The acclaimed London “David Bowie is” retrospective all Bowie everything exhibit is touring and going to Canada first. Spanning five decades and featuring more than 300 objects from Bowie’s personal archive, this totally immersive multimedia show celebrates the groundbreaking artist’s collaborations in the fields of fashion, sound, theatre, art and film” and it’s… a lot of stuff we can’t see yet.

Artist Lorna Mills was asked to contribute her amazing GIFs to project at the Art Gallery of Ontario so she invited an array of great digital artists to contribute their own hard-for-Bowie GIFs. She generously shared them with us. Or maybe she like to torture.

Andrew Benson

Sarah Weis

Eva Papamargariti

Max Capacity

Dafna Ganani

Gaby Cepeda

Lorna Mills

“David Bowie is,” GIF Installation: Alex McLeod, Claudia Maté, Lorna Mills, Rea McNamara w/Isabella Brathwaite, Georges Jacotey, Dafna Ganani, Gaby Cepeda, Anthony Antonellis, Sarah Weis, Yoshi Sodeoka, Andrew Benson, Rodell Warner, Luc Hyo Myoung Kim, Mattie Hillock, Max Capacity, Eva Papamargariti, Sep 25 – Nov 27, Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada