Fung Wah and Lucky Star Buses Could Be Returning Soon

September 27, 2013 | Andy Cush

Fung Wah and Lucky Star, OGs of the Chinatown bus game, may be returning to the playing field this fall after a months-long absence. The U.S. Department of Transportation ordered the Fung Wah off the road in February of this year after myriad safety violations, and Lucky Star lost its wheels for similar reasons in June.

According to the Boston Globeboth companies “have met all the requirements to bring their vehicles, employees, and safety management practices up to federal standards and are just waiting for the government to allow them to start carrying passengers.”

With the D.O.T.’s approval, they could begin shuttling brave and/or cheap passengers between Boston and NYC this fall. Happy traveling!

(Photo: Nick Sherman/Flickr)