Gnarly Footage of Biker Gang Facing Off Against SUV Driver

September 30, 2013 | Andy Cush

Not a ton of context for what’s going on here, but here goes: a group of motorcyclists are out for a ride on the West Side Highway Sunday, when, for some reason we’re not privy to, one of them brake-checks the driver of a black Range Rover. The driver doesn’t slow down in time and hits the guy who cut him off, and the bikers stop and block the roadway in response. Presumably panicked, the driver speeds off and runs over at least one of them. After that, the group chases him down, attempting to open the SUV’s door, the driver hits another person, and eventually, at a stop light in Washington Heights, the bikers catch up, smashing his window with a motorcycle helmet. Then, the helmet cam turns off. Only one injury was reported. Guess who.

UPDATE: The driver was Alexian Lien, 33. He was hospitalized after being beaten and knifed. Jeremiah Mieses, 26, was also hospitalized, breaking both of his legs after Lien ran him over.