Guy Writes Erotic Bible Stories, Gets House Vandalized

October 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

“Genesis Deflowered,” by Matthew Stillman, depicts the characters of the Bible’s Book of Genesis engaging in–eek! –sex acts, while remaining faithful to the book’s stories and respecting “classic text in form and structure,” according to HuffPo. For daring to imagine a story about populating the Earth with people might involve a little actual fucking, he received a little unwanted adornment on the front stoop of his Harlem home.

Blasphmy,” the poorly-spelled graffiti read, sprayed in a sloppy red paint. As you know, we’re all for the creative beautification of property, but not when it’s this lazy and its intent is the quelling of free speech.

“I would want to find out from the person who did this what they are so angry about and if they have actually read the book,” Stillman told DNAinfo.