Incredible Melting House in Seaside England

October 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

The disorienting artwork you see above is From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes by the British artist and designer Alex Chinneck. Chinneck created the work in the Cliftonville section of Margate, a formerly wealthy town in seaside UK, from a worn down building that the local government had intended to turn into housing projects. That hasn’t happened yet, so in the meantime, Chinneck created his art.

“I increasingly like that idea of exposing the truth and the notion of superficiality,” he told Dezeen“I didn’t go into the project with that idea, but as it evolved I started to like that.”

Chinneck also hoped the intervention–which has the facade of a house seemingly sliding towards the ground–would draw visitors to Cliftonville from another, more culturally active section of Margate.

“Cliftonville is a very poor area referred to as being ‘up the hill’, and the culture and the arrival of artists hasn’t quite reached up the hill yet,” he says. “I was drawn to Cliftonville because it’s an area where the culture hasn’t reached and I think public art too often forgets its responsibility to the public.”

Watch a video of the piece from Dezeen above, and a few images in the gallery.