Bill de Blasio Is Not a Socialist, Says Actual Socialist

October 2, 2013 | Andy Cush

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota’s main line of attack against his Democratic rival Bill de Blasio in recent weeks has been to go the classic Republican route and label de Blasio a “socialist.” The onslaught began after the New York Times published a piece explaining de Blasio’s 1980s ties to the Nicaraguan Sandinista movement.

Now, an actual socialist–namely, Dan Fein, who is running against Lhota and de Blasio on the Socialist Workers Party line–is weighing in. Unsurprisingly, Fein is not impressed with the Democrat’s red bona fides.

De Blasio is “just the opposite” of a socialist, Fein told DNAinfo. “He defends capitalism. He’s a candidate of the Democratic Party, one of the main capitalist parties in the United States.”

Next time Lhota tries to gin up fear by tossing the s-word around, he might do well to aim it at the guy who admits to being one.