People Are Suing the City After Tripping on Citi Bike Stations

October 2, 2013 | Andy Cush

We should have expected the first Citi Bike-related lawsuits to be rolling in by now, but what’s surprising is that they are unrelated to the bikes themselves. Two separate pedestrians plan to sue the city because they tripped over bike racks.

The first actually seems reasonable: Howard Orlick, 52, is legally blind. He says he twisted his ankle when stepping off the sidewalk because the gray bike rack’s similarity to the gray sidewalk threw him off. He’s only suing for $500 to cover medical expenses, and his claim includes a request that the city change the racks’ color to black.

The second does not. Lachonne Shelton, 50, “says she injured her knees, left elbow, back and neck when she tripped over part of a Citi Bike station,” according to DNAinfo. She wants $1 million.

On a scale of 500 to 1 million, how pissed is Howard at Lachonne right now?

(Photo: Ed Yourdon/Flickr)