#BanksyNY 5: Box Truck the Latest Better Out Than In Installment

October 5, 2013 | Bucky Turco

“A New York delivery truck converted into a mobile garden (includes rainbow, waterfall and butterflies),” reads the description on Banksy’s site for “All City,” the most recent addition to the street artist’s Better Out Than In series. “The truck will visit a different location every evening from dusk.” Housing the installation inside a truck and keeping it mobile is certainly one tactic for ensuring a longer shelf life for his art, which so far has been rapidly molested by graffiti writers and property owners alike.

Tonight it will be in the East Village. According to the audio description accompanying the piece, you should be on the lookout for a 1992 GMC. The license plate is 65797-MD. If you see something, send something. (Photos: Banksy)

UPDATE: It’s on St. Mark’s, getting mobbed by people. There is indeed a waterfall. Wow.

It reportedly also made appearances at Astor Place and Mott Street.
(Photo: David Factor/Flickr)