Williamsburg Urban Outfitters May Not Get a Bar After All

October 9, 2013 | Andy Cush

Much hubbub was made when it was announced that A) Urban Outfitters planned to open a store in Williamsburg, and B) the company wanted to put a real-live bar inside. Now, it looks like the second part might not be happening, as Brooklyn Community Board 1 has rejected the company’s bid for a liquor license. “This is going to be like a mall,” board member Rob Solano said at a meeting. “Why do you need alcohol to make it work?”

All isn’t lost, however. The state Liquor Authority gets final say on whether the store gets to serve up booze; the board’s decision simply serves as a recommendation. It’s hard to imagine anyone but Urban and local teens who might have gotten a new place to sneak underage beers being too disappointed if it’s denied, though. The store will be located on North 6th between Wythe and Berry; there are plenty of other (superior) drinking options around.