#BanksyNY 10: A Beaver in
East New York

October 10, 2013 | Andy Cush

Banksy’s latest Better Out Than In piece arrives in a markedly more off-the-beaten trail neighborhood than any of the work so far: East New York, Brooklyn. It’s got none of the overt political commentary of yesterday’s Wikileaks-referencing piece: this one is just a small stenciled Beaver, knocking down a “No Parking” sign. We’re on our way to find it now. If you know anything, hit us up.

UPDATE: Got it. It’s at 274 Bradford Street, just south of Pitkin Avenue. A guy on the scene who identifies himself as a “Banksy fan”  says he’s ready to chop it out of the wall.

UPDATE 2: The photo below was taken before we got to the scene. These people were attempting to chisel the piece, and now say they’ve called contractors to take it out of the wall.

UPDATE 3: Some locals are apparently charging money to take pictures of the piece.

Good thing Banksy wasn’t there when the street view cameras came through. Two NYPD officers are right around the corner.

UPDATE 4: It’s been destroyed, presumably by the artist Math, who didn’t seem to realize the piece was a beaver (not a rat).

(Top photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork, Bottom: CapNYC/Instagram, Video: @Nicole_Hardesty/GIANTLife.com)