Cops Shot at Unarmed Woman and Her Dog, According to Lawsuit

January 3, 2014 | Andy Cush

A cop afraid of a dog and its unarmed owner opened fire on them inside their own Coney Island apartment building, according to a lawsuit. Fortunately, the shots missed and neither Elizabeth Villafane nor her bullmastiff Bubba were hurt.

The pair cops were in Villafane’s building to issue a warrant for her arrest for walking an animal without a leash, and Villafane, expecting her brother, brought the dog with her to answer the door. When it over enthusiastically greeted one officer, running after him down the hallway, the other cops fired one to two shots. After the shooting, the cops pepper sprayed Villafane and Bubba, and arrested Villafane. All charges were later dismissed.

“The dog didn’t go to attack the officer,” Villafane’s lawyer told DNAinfo. “My client is lucky as hell she wasn’t shot. She suffered some severe psychological damage.”

(Photo: NYPD Drills/Wikimedia Commons)