Fill This Up With Rafaël Rozendaal

January 6, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Artist Rafaël Rozendaal just launched a new art site, FillThisUp.com. To use, click, point around and fill screen with cheery gradient geometrical bits.

Rozendaal explains:

My abstract works are an ongoing research… the viewer’s relationship to the artwork… the viewer’s relationship to the screen… the limits of the browser… computational abstraction… dynamic compositions on an unpredictable canvas…

Some context: Rafaël Rozendaal works are coded by Reinier Feijen, who worked for the artist on over 60 art websites that collectively logged 50 million visits last year. One such art site object — IfNoYes.com — sold for $3,500 to independent collectors at the Phillips Digital Art Auction last year. You can see a slightly more traditional, non-digital manifestation of Rafaël Rozendaal’s abstract work at his current solo exhibit at the Postmasters Gallery, in the form of gigantic lenticular cards. You filled?