World’s Walls, Fences and Borders:
A Panoramic View

January 8, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer travelled to the world’s most volatile and controversial borders for his photographic survey Confrontier, recently profiled by Wired.

With a panoramic film camera, Wiedenhöfer documented the view of an illegal Israeli settlement in Westbank as seen over the wall separating it from a Palestinian refugee camp.

He photographed the construction site of the border fence between Naco, Mexico and Douglas, Arizona, Wiedenhöfer.

So what has he learned from capturing these borders? The walls in Belfast and Baghdad, and the left-overs in Berlin? From the observation posts where the Korean army watches over the demilitarized, UN-controlled zone between North Korea and South Korea?

“Peace begins where walls fall,” Wiedenhöfer tells Wired. “Not where they are erected.”

(Photos: Confrontier by Kai Wiedenhöfer published by Steidl via Wired)