Help Coerce Goodyear Into Putting “Pimp” on a Blimp

January 13, 2014 | Andy Cush

Two years ago, some internet sleuths dug into they lyrics to Ice Cube’s classic “It Was a Good Day,” and deduced that, if Cube really was talking about a specific day, it was probably January 20, 1992. Now, Andy Dao, a creative at ANIMAL’s parent company, Mother, wants to commemorate the anniversary of that momentous occasion by having the Goodyear Blimp fly over Los Angeles displaying the text “Ice Cube’s A Pimp,” just like Cube imagines in the song.

He hopes to coerce the tire manufacturers by raising $25,000 for A Place Called Home, a youth organization in South Central L.A. If Goodyear flies the blimp, the cash gets given; if not, it doesn’t. “It’s sort of like we’re extorting a multi-national corporation to benefit a non-profit and people everywhere,” Dao says.

Watch Dao and his team’s pitch video, featuring former ANIMAL staffer Joseph Schulhoff, below. If you’re inclined to donate — they’ve raised $7,848 at the time of this writing — you can do so here. For $50 bucks, you’ll get a poster of the beautiful illustration above.