High Line Graffiti Marriage Proposal

January 21, 2014 | Andy Cush

“I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a special and unique proposal,” writes Bart, the person who painted a graffiti-style marriage proposal viewable from the High Line this week. “Rings in champagne glasses and one-kneed proposals in Central Park — it’s been done and frankly isn’t my style.”

The piece took an hour and a half, 26 cans of paint, and a friend to keep lookout while the work was in progress. Bart tells ANIMAL he chose the location because it has sentimental value for he and his girlfriend, Amber: “We have a specific bench along the High Line where we went on one of our earlier dates.”

On a recent morning, Bart took Amber on a walk past the spot, handing her a sketch of the piece so that by the time she’d unfolded the paper the wall would be in view. “You couldn’t miss the explosion of color against the drab backdrop of the construction site,” he says.

Amber agrees. “I was shocked, stunned and just totally dumbfounded. I believe I let out a gasp,” she says. “I was expecting a proposal at some point – but never fathomed he’d do anything like that!”

Over the years, we’ve seen many people using street art and graffiti to propose to a loved one, but each time it’s endearing.

All in all, this one was a success too: Amber said “yes.”

(Photos: @Evan Natale)