Enormous Pork Slaughterhouse as Gruesome as You’d Expect

January 23, 2014 | Andy Cush

British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper took these photos at the slaughterhouse of Danish Crown, the world’s largest pork exporter. They’re are brutal. Here’s what he says about the photos, on Dezeen.

The reality is that the society we live in craves meat, on a massive scale. Where there is a demand there will be a supply, and finding out how that supply is met is something that all meat-eaters should be interested in. As a food lover, I am firmly of the belief that people should think about, understand and respect their food (that includes vegetables!) and part of that respect is rooted in where the meat on your plate comes from and how it died. I find it difficult to tolerate those who love eating meat, but cannot bear to think about, or look at, the slaughter and death of that animal. It seems disrespectful towards the animal, and if I wanted to get really eggy about it, I’m not sure if such people should be allowed to eat meat at all.

Good points, all. But Wiper also writes that, “While there is a strong case for a serious discussion about whether or not we really need to eat, or should be eating, as much meat as we do, that is a discussion for another day.”

Why not now?