Crowdsourcing Animations, Frame by Frame

January 24, 2014 | Andy Cush

To create the animations you see above, the design house Moniker created instructions for drawing each frame, then let visitors to Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum draw them themselves. Some frames had strict, specific instructions — “Connect all dots to all dots. Use straight lines.” — others were more ambiguous and open to interpretation.

The process creates animations that are constantly morphing, all wobbly lines and single frames that flicker like Tyler Durden at the beginning of Fight ClubAccording to Moniker, the idea is to create something that favors a collective goal over individual expression.

It might be sacrilegious to say, but we are not really looking for individual creativity. We treat our participative projects a little like a choir: it is about what the group does together. We prepare the score, the installation acts as the conductor and we only find out how the group does when we go live. Each of the drawings has its own voice and influences the whole for 1/12th of a second. In the end, it is up to the visitor to draw our line or their own.

The exhibition is open until August 10th.