Have a Good Weekend: Silent Bombs and Muscular Ladies

January 24, 2014 | ANIMAL

Here’s some art, film, music and other stuff happening in NYC so you can Have a Good Weekend. Drop your suggestions in the comments or to tips@animalnewyork.com.

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Larry Clark’s 71st birthday party is tonight at Baby’s All Right, if you’re into that sort of thing. (8pm, Brooklyn, free)

Get your noise on with Prurient at St. Vitus. (8pm, Brooklyn, $12)



“Eyebeam Artists in Conversation” as part of the 2014 Annual Showcase, panels all day: Art and Speculative Physics, Fair Use and Creative Rights Online, Opacity and Imperceptibility within Technology, and more. (12pm-5pm, Manhattan, Free)

Idiotarodorama NYC, formerly known as the Idiotarod, it’s like a dogsled race but instead of dogs, it’s people and instead of sleds, it’s shopping carts. Watch Twitter for locations. (12pm, ???)

“Silent Bomb” experimental music at The Silent Barn, from “noise and guitar” to “homemade monster spring reverb chaos.” (9pm, Brooklyn, $8)

Guy Ben Ner and Austin Lee’s new shows open at Postmasters Gallery. (5:30pm, Manhattan, Free)

Highway Amazon (2001) — documentary about Christine Fetze who has found happiness being muscular and traveling around the country wrestling men for money — is playing at the Spectacle. (Midnight, Brooklyn, $5)



Listen In mixtape luminaries Young Widows play St. Vitus with Norman Westberg of Swans (8pm, Brooklyn, $15)