3D Lived-In Computer Desks and Daily Browsing Sounds: “Chorus” Music Video

January 28, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Artist Akihiko Taniguchi created this software-centric music video for Holly Herndon “Chorus” using photographs of his friends’ “personal environment outside of the screen” — their desktops, the towering stacks of crumpled paper, packages, wires, headphones, the random mess accumulating around the computer. He then rendered 3D models of the spaces, the flaws in the software yielding a sort of petrified, icy texture to some of the objects, and then, he screen-captured navigating through it.

Holly Herndon’s track samples the recorded sounds of her daily internet browsing — YouTube, Skype, various alerts and clicks — then molds them into music. Together, the music video is a dreamy representation of user experience, with highly personal touches from the musician, the artist video director and his friends.

It’s banal, but curious in a way, a kind of banal made out of dozens of intimate, personal banalities. You can navigate through these “lived-in” spaces yourself here.