East Side Access Won’t Be Here for Another Decade or So

January 28, 2014 | Andy Cush

Fresh off of news that the opening 7 Train extension will be pushed back several months comes another MTA delay: the East Side Access plan, which would bring LIRR service across town to Grand Central Station, could remain unopened until 2023. Originally, the project was slated for completion by the end of last year. In 2012, the date was moved back to 2019. It’s on track to cost anywhere between $9.7 and $10.7 billion, depending on who you ask. “The issue of budget and schedule has been continually eluding us,” said MTA chairman Thomas Pendergast at a board meeting.

Say what you will about their ability to stay on schedule and budget, but hey, at least the MTA’s got this whole no trash cans thing down.

(Photo: MTAPhotos)