Generate Your Own “Lucas” Venmo Ad

January 29, 2014 | Andy Cush

Venmo is a very useful service with very strange advertising. It allows you to easily transfer money to your friends, even if you use different banks, right from your phone. It’s advertising allows you to wonder who the hell Lucas is, why he’s plastered all over the Bedford Avenue L stop, and what exactly he’s selling. The ubiquitous-to-NYC posters have inspired rants and wonders from outlets as diverse as Valleywag and Fox News.

Now, you can make your own. Redditor metropolisprime presumably created the Lucas Generator to gently poke fun at the ad, but of course, in doing so he’s also promoting Venmo. And by, posting it, so am I. Shit! Hopefully that Baudrillard Lucas above is subversive enough. Or this.