CASH4 and Crew Arrested

January 30, 2014 | Bucky Turco

As first reported by EVGrieve, a bunch of graffiti artists were busted in the East Village on Wednesday while painting a rooftop. The New York Post named CASH4 as one of the five who were arrested and since he was the only one ID’d by the tabloid, we’ll keep it at that. In 2012, CASH4 made headlines when a photo of him kissing his girlfriend while handcuffed–after he was caught doing similar shit–was entered into a photo competition. The artist was sentenced to community service.

He’s now facing a new litany of charges, including “making graffiti, criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.” You have to hand it to the NYPD, when it comes to trumping up charges, they truly are New York’s Finest. (Photo: @carnagenyc)