Sanitation Worker Loses Job For Taking $20 Tip

February 4, 2014 | Andy Cush

The owners of a home on Butler Street in East Elmhurst felt so grateful towards a city sanitation worker after he picked up a large load of garbage from their building — including furniture and bulk wood — that they offered him a $20 tip. He accepted, and because of that, he lost his job.

DNAinfo points out that Lenworth Dixon, who has been working for the Sanitation Department for a quarter of a century, was in violation of two rules: one that bans him from accepting tips from anyone “whose interest may be affected” by his work, and another that prohibits him from accepting money from sources other than the city for doing work that falls under his official job description.

Dixon was forced to retire last month, and will have to pay a $1,500 fine. The city’s Conflicts of Interest Board says his firing was a reminder to employees that “conflicts of interest law prohibits their accepting compensation in any amount from any source other than the city for performing their city jobs.”

If you disagree with the board’s decision to fire and fine a veteran employee over 20 bucks, feel free to call them at (212) 442-1400 and voice your complaint.

(Photo: Walter Anacki)