Watch a Random Video Art Piece With Ubu Roulette

February 5, 2014 | Andy Cush

Ubu Web, the massive, Kenneth Goldsmith-helmed database of avant-garde art, can be difficult to dive into. That’s why Marie von Heyl and Joao Flux created Ubu Roulette, a site that randomly selects one of the many video artworks hosted on Ubu and plays it back for you. “Organize your own Ubu Roulette party…random art is a perfect way to trigger random conversations,” writes Flux on his website. Also seems like a pretty good thing to have for next time you’re stoned and staring into the internet.

Science Frictiona 1959 collage film by Stan Vanderbeek, was the first thing it gave me. It’s great. Heavy Monty Python vibes, and apparently that’s no accident.