Manhattan’s Best Coffee, Mapped by Subway Stop

February 6, 2014 | Andy Cush

Well, this is handy, isn’t it? Butterfruit Labs created this Manhattan subway map with the stop names subbed out for the area’s best coffee shop. 14th Street on the A/C/E becomes Blue Bottle, Spring Street on the 6 becomes Gimme! Coffee, et cetera. Without the names of stops to orient you it takes a bit of effort to navigate, but I can imagine it being useful if you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood in need of a fix.

“The coffeehouses which made the cut were selected based on their equipment, the type/source of beans used, stop proximity, and reviews from both customers and professionals,” the creators write on their blog. “Unique spots also got priority. In cases of multiple stores, the original or most popular location of that chain was weighted more heavily. Shops which embraced their neighborhoods feel were also favored.”

Take a look below.

(Photo: Robyn Lee)