Beastie Boys Square May Have a Chance After All

February 7, 2014 | Andy Cush

In January, we told you that the plan to rename the corner of Ludlow and Rivington Streets on the Lower East Side “Beastie Boys Square” had hit a snag. Manhattan’s Community Board 3 had rejected LeRoy McCarthy’s application to memorialize the Paul’s Boutique corner, but would hold another vote if he could accrue a few hundred more signatures. Then, the board voted on the proposal anyway, and it appeared to be shut down for good. Complex reports on what happened next.

According to Complex, the vote to kill Beastie Boys Square should never have happened, because McCarthy was told to withdraw his application and collect more signatures. Now, thanks to pressure from Chad Marlow, a member of CB3’s transportation committee, it will be placed back on the board’s March agenda.

Marlow was critical of CB3 Chairwoman Gigi Li’s decision to allow a vote despite the board’s official ruling. “It can’t be the opinion of the chair of the board that ‘it’s not what we say to applicants, it’s what we secretly mean,'” he said. “That’s her opinion on the record. That’s literally the position that she took.”