Backdoor Pharmacist Explores 2C-I

February 12, 2014 | Backdoor Pharmacist

2C-I is a psychedelic phenethylamine of the 2C family discovered by our lord and savior Alexander Shulgin. The 2C family of drugs are stimulating psychedelic empathogen-entactogens of which, 2C-B is the most well known scion. It’s been called “explosion” or “introspection” and is sometimes sold as mescaline. While 25I-NBOME is a much stronger derivative of 2C-I and its parent is definitely worth visiting.

It is now explicitly illegal, like 2C-B and MDMA, but that hasn’t stopped you before has it? None of the 2C drugs are known for being habit-forming. However, concurrent administration with other stimulants such as MDA, or other 2Cs can be dangerous. Combined with underlying physiological abnormalities they have caused fatal strokes. Overdoses can cause serotonin syndrome but with immediate medical treatment the patient made a full recovery; doctors only care about saving their patient. If your friend overdoses, tell the EMTs exactly what and how much they’ve taken, please.

It usually comes as the hydrochloride salt, which is a fluffy white, exceptionally bitter powder that does not clump. As 2C-I doses in the 10-25mg range, a reasonably accurate milligram scale can dose it out. 2C-I has a non-linear dosing curve, meaning that the difference between 8mg and 12mg, is a hell of a lot smaller than the difference between 12mg and 15mg. Oral doses start at 8-12mg for light effects. 15mg is a typical dose, and 20mg is a heavy dose that you shouldn’t fuck around with. You can snort the stuff, if you hate your nose. 2C-I looks and feels like a molecular ninja star. Cut the dose in half if you’re insufflating, and hope to god that you don’t choke when you do snort it. There’s a definite edge to 2C-I; a very small dose of a benzodiazepine like Valium, Xanax, or Klonopin can relax you.

2C-I’s effects come from its action at serotonin. Broadly speaking, serotonin acts as a relax signal to the rest of your brain, helping us make sense of the physiological electrical storm that is simply existing. 2C-I ends up worming its way to our serotonin receptors and locks into place, which allows us to experience more.

You know what, brain? You’re too uptight. Let’s cut loose. That happens all over the brain, but the parts we’re interested in are the occipital and temporal lobe, in the back and bottom of our brains respectively.

Within half an hour, something definitely feels off. Effects start nearly immediately if you snort but will fade away faster. Pupil dilation starts and you’ll notice things begin taking on a shine. As 2C-I infiltrates your occipital lobe — the center of our vision — things will start wiggling. There’s a glow to objects that wasn’t there before.

Doses below 12mg will be more mental, so you can skip this part on visuals. The effects will come in waves, causing unstoppable movement by the 2nd hour that can last for a few more hours. Not only will shadows and angles warp, but the objects themselves will wiggle. They’ll twist, rotate, and leap from their 2D prisons into our 3D world. Edge and pattern detection will go into overdrive. The fractals — crashing waves from the edges of your vision — will make the ceiling seem to bow as it if it was canvas. Your breath is the wind, pushing it up. As you do, the edges will shimmer with a touch of color.

Especially when it hits your primary auditory cortex, turning music into an astonishing experience. Everything sounds good, and everything sounds deep. That untz untz untz will dig in deep, and it goes well with the stimulating features of 2C-I. At lower doses. you can hit the club and dehydrate yourself dancing. Keep a bottle of water nearby. Conversations with others, when you can have them, are profound. By removing the inhibition that serotonin performs, you are able to make cognitive leaps that you normally cannot. That’s not to say the leaps are in any way correct or intelligent, but you can make them.

The action at the temporal lobe is what gives 2C-I the nickname of “introspection.” The medial temporal lobes are involved with our memories, and those will start emerging.

If you lie back, turn your ability to make leaps to your own memory, you can find yourself drifting through your life. Let it happen, let it help you analyze what you’ve done with yourself. In your conversations, you may help yourself to an epiphany of your life. There’s a frequent thread of you thinking you can read someone else’s mind. Ignore those delusions. Sadly, you can’t send or receive thoughts.

Stay with someone else. Talk with her all night. Talk until you can’t do it anymore. Talk until the benzos grab you and keep you in bed. Her face, the one that shifted and changed at the peaks, yet remaining beautiful no matter what… let that take you to bed. Let yourselves fall into it. Kiss. Let your hands explore each other. The touch will be electric. I should also mention that all of these stimulants can interfere with erections and getting wet.

If someone else stumbles in, tell them that you have had a fever and you aren’t feeling well. Say that you have been so sick you haven’t been able to sleep and you’re practically seeing things. Leave us alone, let me have this dream, the sights twisting, the thoughts connecting.

The effects last 8-12 hours, depending on the dose. Halfway through, the major visuals will stop, and the talking will be the best part. Eventually, even that will fade away. You’ll keep the thoughts. You can have the epiphany. The visuals stopped, but she’s just as beautiful as it was on 2C-I wasn’t she?

Have fun; try not to die.

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