MTA Extends Modicum of Compassion to Homeless

February 21, 2014 | Andy Cush

After an announcement this week that it will begin kicking out homeless people who take shelter on subway trains, the MTA would like to clarify that no, it is not a heartless monster. NYPD officers and transit workers won’t force homeless people above ground, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said Friday, but offer them alternatives, like a bed in a shelter. “It would be illegal to take someone out of the subway,” he said.

The statement came as a response to a meeting Monday, during which Christie Hofmann of the MTA and NYPD Deputy Inspector Michael Telfer said that the initiative aimed to clear all homeless men and women out of the subway cars it inspected, according to DNAinfo.

Hey, at least we’re not San Francisco, where they’re trying to literally wash the homeless away with hoses. Except you, Strand Bookstore.

(Photo: @Nicolas Nova)