Domino Sugar Factory Redevelopment Will Continue After All

March 4, 2014 | Andy Cush

After a roadblock earlier this week, the march towards turning Williamsburg’s Domino Sugar factory into gleaming, futuristic high-rises will continue as planned. The stall came when Mayor de Blasio asked for more affordable housing units than the developers and Michael Bloomberg, de Blasio’s predecessor, had agreed upon.

Under a new compromise, Two Trees, the development company, will build 700 affordable units into the new Domino complex, with no later reversion to market rate. “Buildings don’t get shorter over time,” Alicia Glen, deputy mayor of housing and economic development, told the Times“Just like the buildings are permanently taller, the affordable units will be permanently affordable.”

The buildings will also get taller under the new deal: a zoning change will allow Two Trees to build up to 55 stories. For context, that’s slightly taller than the New York Times building in Times Square.

(Photo: @Emmanuel Huybrechts)