‘Girls’ Tour Coming to NYC

March 7, 2014 | Andy Cush

Greenpointers, beware: busloads of midwesterner Girls fans may soon be swarming your neighborhood, jumping at the chance to see Hannah Horvath and crew’s homes, hangouts, and places of work. On Locations Tours, the company that brought you the Sex and the City sight-seeing trips, is planning a similar tour centered around Lena Dunham’s most famous creation.

Destinations include Café Gumpy on Meserole Ave, Hannah’s apartment on India Street, the Prospect Heights bar Weather Up, the Bushwick warehouse where Marnie smokes crack, and, for some reason, Gawker Media’s Elizabeth Street office.

Georgette Blau, a representative of the tour company, seems to have to have a deep, nuanced understanding of the Brooklyn neighborhoods the expedition will patronize. “The locations aren’t exactly glamorous,” she told the Daily News. “But they’re authentic.”