3D-Printed Putin-Shaped Butt Plug
Is Too “Rough”

March 10, 2014 | Marina Galperina

If you thought Anya and Mar‘s Vladimir Putin My Ass Butt Plug was a funny concept, here is a real one by graphic designer Fernando Sosa in the [3D-printed] flesh. “What better way to attack Mr. Putin’s shirtless bear wrestling reputation?”

At first, Sosa just wanted to highlight the Russian president’s vicious war against the civil rights of the LGBT. “Since I started designing this butt plug, Putin invaded Ukraine and Republicans have developed a fetish for Putin,” he explains. “I honestly feel that is pretty unpatriotic that the Right is now worshiping Putin in order to attack Obama. So I almost wish I could send a couple of these to Fox News since they are so in love with him.”

That would really come in handy next time Sean Hannity fantasizes about “Putin swimming the butterfly, which is a really hard stroke… yeah, big chested — and by the way, it’s in frigid water that he’s swimming across a river … and he’s out there and he’s plowing it.”

Since the realistic, color sculpture bust can only be 3D-printed in sandstone, it is is not recommended to be used as a sex toy. “Sandstone is very porous and has a rough surface.” Rough, you say… Bill O’Reilly knows how to handle Putin, right? 

Also available in Phil Robertson, the racist homophobe(Image: Reddit, Mashable)