NYPD Arrests World’s Dopiest
Drug Dealer

March 10, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Not everyone is cut out to sell drugs. Take Frank Giardina. The 49-year-old man was busted in his Queens apartment on Friday after making some of the dumbest mistakes humanity has ever witnessed:

#1) He was blasting music, which normally isn’t too big a deal, except when there’s a drug-dealer-amount-of-narcotics on the premises.

#2) When the NYPD came knocking about the music, he answered the door with a weed pipe in his hand.

#3) Police officers smelled chronic wafting through the air, so they asked him for ID to write him a summons and he invited them in.

#4) Upon entering the apartment, they noticed the five pounds of heroin that he left out in the open, on the kitchen table.