Jared Leto to Rescue Ukraine

March 13, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Have no fear, Crimea! Jared Leto and his shitty band have arrived to Kiev for a concert. There he is — the actor who shouted out “the dreamers” in “the” Ukraine during his Oscar acceptance speech (which was censored by the Russian state-controlled television) — visiting what is left of the protest camps of Maidan and looking very concerned.

Here he is the actor bravely waving a Ukrainian flag. (He likes flags.)

Here is another photo of Jared Leto in Maidan, in brave proximity to a Russian flag.

Here is Jared Leto bravely leading the Kiev audience in a “Glory to Ukraine” chant and talking about how “other bands have cancelled their shows but there was no fucking way… no fucking way…” and the crowd erupts in cheers, as the country heads closer and closer to war.

Jared Leto: Always up on politics.

(Images: @Nepareizais, @HromadskeTV, @pablomediavilla)