And The Dirtiest Subway Line Is…

March 20, 2014 | Andy Cush

The D Train! D for dirt! The transit advocacy group Straphangers Campaign released the results of its 14th annual “Subway Schmutz” survey today, and found that the Bronx-to-Coney-Island line has more grime than any other train. According to the survey, just 17 percent of D Train cars are clean. The next-nastiest line was the A, with 26 percent clean cars, and the nicest, shockingly, was the L, with 63 percent.

According to DNAinfosurveyors rated cars’ cleanliness based on things like “opened or spilled food, rolling bottles, ‘malodorous conditions,’ sticky or wet spots and dirty seats.”

The MTA isn’t happy with the results. “During the course of a round trip, customers can accidentally drop drinks, come in with muddy shoes or slush and salt during a snowstorm, but that is not indicative of our car cleaning efforts,” a transit authority representative said. “By conducting these surveys on subway cars in service, the Straphangers lessen the overall impact of our car cleaners at terminals.”

See the entire survey here.

(Photo: @David Tan)