The War of the GIFs

March 21, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Pittsburgh’s VIA is hosting a T.GIF Tournament. Vote now and every day through April 7th, until the best GIF wins (a gift certificate to  Gifpop!, the indie resource that allows digital artist to print lenticulars of their GIFs.) We’ve written about several artists in this show but the best part is to watch the show-down in this bracket. RA RA RA GO TEAM GIF!

T.GIF is a March Madness tourney for original animated gifs. Net art all_stars and at-large entries by artists from around the world (US, Canada, China, Spain, United Kingdom and more) go up against one another in a battle for ultimate gif supremacy. It is the public who decides who has created the ultimate .gif by casting a daily vote.

Some of our favorites are the Mitch Posada way above, this Jacob Ciocci:

…this Mark Vomit:

and this DMNC RMX:

(Images: VIA, Prosthetic Knowledge)