NPR Investigates: Why Lil Jon Is Turning Down, Up

March 25, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” has been creeping up the charts for weeks — beating Avicii and other EDM stalwarts — and NPR is on the case with the burning questions: What is “turn down?” And for that matter, what is “turn up?”

Let’s ask someone who “produces” the “EDM” and takes the “mollys.” Whoever NPR got to interview producer Jubilee must be their token culturally-relevant kid. He knows how to instant message. It is, however, confusing who Jubilee actually is, aside from being someone who really likes Lil Jon and has, for you, the following insights:

‘Trap’ has just turned into a meme. Kids don’t want to dance anymore, they want to ‘turn up’ and ‘rage,’ so EDM trap is just super party style music… I will say that as a person who has been into dance music from day one, all the ravers always loved Lil Jon… Rap finding molly is definitely changing s—-, and yeah, hyphy and ecstasy are friends. I don’t know if they wanted to make music for people on it, but they were probably doing it, which was probably inspiring… And Flocka loves molly, soooo… I mean, I love him with all my heart, but just do rap, man.

But the real revelation of the piece is that both Lil Jon and Pitbull have made music specifically to soundtrack aerobic-dance fusion your mom loves, Zumba. TURN UP, NPR! (Get it? Because radio.)